Official Languages Policy

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Language of Work:

In accordance with the Official Languages Act and the Regional Health Authorities Act, the language of work throughout Horizon Health Network (Horizon) is English.

Language of Service:

In accordance with the Official Languages Act, the Regional Health Authorities Act and the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) Language of Service Policy, Horizon:

  • actively offers and provides services of equal quality to patients and the public in both official languages during all hours of operation without undue delay.
  • ensures that patients and members of the public have the right to communicate in their official language of choice, no matter where health services are offered.
  • ensures that positions staffed throughout the network:
    • follow established linguistic profiles to ensure capacity for delivery of service in the language of choice;
    • meet the minimum linguistic proficiency for the position.
  • ensures linguistic considerations are considered in every day basic operations, including, but not limited to, scheduling of employees/non-employee personnel and assignment of interim positions.
  • ensures that official communications with the media and the general public are issued in both official languages.
  • provides the necessary tools, guidance and support to employees and non-employee personnel to ensure that services of equal quality are provided in both official languages in accordance with this policy.

Horizon conducts periodic assessments of the effectiveness and application of this policy. Adherence to this policy is monitored through audits and/or reviews of records.

In cases of misconduct or non-compliance with this policy, appropriate responses and corrective measures may be implemented by Horizon management in consultation with Human Resources, and other services as deemed necessary. These measures may include progressive disciplinary measures up to an including termination of employment.

An individual disciplined for failing to comply with this policy has the right to appeal the decision through the applicable grievance process.