Horizon Board

Horizon Health Network’s Board of Directors is comprised of 7 members who are appointed by the Minister of Health. There are also 3 non‐voting members: the President and Chief Executive Officer (who acts as Secretary), the Chairperson of the Regional Medical Advisory Committee and the Chairperson of the Regional Professional Advisory Committee. 

The Board is mandated to control and manage the business and affairs of Horizon. In compliance with the Regional Health Authorities Act, the Board strives to build and maintain strong and effective relationships with its communities through open public Board meetings on matters relating to the general governance and operations of Horizon. 

Board Committees

As part of their role, Board members participate and create committees to provide a more detailed review of important areas of responsibility. 

The Board participates in three standing committees, where chairpersons and members of the Standing Committees of the Board are appointed by the Board at the Annual Meeting or at such other times as the Board may authorize.

The Standing Committees of the Board include the Executive Committee, the Governance Committee, and the Finance Committee, according to the bylaws, as well as the Patient Safety Committee and the Human Resources Committee.

The Board establishes a Professional Advisory Committee and a Medical Advisory Committee in accordance with the Regional Health Authorities Act, and appoints and establishes the terms of reference for such other committees as it may deem necessary for the proper governance of the RHA.

Horizon’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, Building a Healthier Future is our organization’s outline for how we intend to enhance health care services for our patients, clients and their families, now – and for the next five years. Guided by three strategic priorities, this plan builds upon our previous work to provide safe and quality care.

For a list of regulations and definitions governing the general operations of the Board, please consult the bylaws