Carleton County Area

About the Carleton County Area

Carleton County is an area in the western part of New Brunswick bordering Maine and is often described as part of the Upper River Valley area as it is situated along the upper part of the Saint John River. Being home to the corporate headquarters of McCain Foods, the largest producer of French fries in the world, much of the area is involved in potato farming and agriculture. Other industries in the area include transportation, warehousing, forestry and lumber production. Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital is in Waterville.

Included in the Carleton County Area are the communities of Aberdeen, Bath, Bedell, Beechwood, Belleville, Bloomfield, Brighton, Bristol, Carlow, Centreville, Cloverdale, Florenceville-Bristol, Glassville, Grafton, Greenfield, Hartland, Holmesville, Jacksonville, Johnville, Juniper, Kent, Lower Woodstock, Newbridge, Newburg, Northampton, Peel, Pembroke, Richmond, Simonds, Somerville, Summerfield, Upper Kent, Victoria Corner, Wakefield, Waterville, Wicklow, Wilmot, and Woodstock.

Carleton County is also home to the Maliseet community of Woodstock First Nation with a population of 284 on reserve and 641 off reserve. The population of Carleton County has seen an increase of one per cent from 2006-2011.

Data shows that Carleton County has increasing rates of many chronic health conditions and elevated rates of high blood pressure, diabetes and Emphysema or COPD when compared to provincial averages. The median household income in the community is $46,921 and 22 per cent of the population is living in low income.

Primary health care services in the Tantramar Area are provided through Horizon’s Hartland Health Centre and Horizon’s Addiction and Mental Health and Public Health services, as well as private physician offices.

Some of our community partners include: