Nackawic, Harvey, McAdam, Canterbury Area

About Nackawic, Harvey, McAdam, Canterbury Area

The Nackawic, Harvey, McAdam, Canterbury Area is in the western part of the province. It is a rural area with some communities scattered along the Saint John River, the various lakes in the area, and the border of Maine, U.S.

The main employment industries in the area are in the sectors of manufacturing, construction, and forestry.

Included in this area are the communities of Bright, Bear Island, Canterbury, Dumfries, Harvey Station, Keswick Ridge, Lake George, Mactaquac, McAdam, Meductic, Millville, Nackawic, North Lake, Prince William, Queensbury, Skiff Lake, Southampton, Temperance Vale, Upper Queensbury, and Zealand.

Data indicates the area has increasing rates of asthma, depression, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, and emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), when compared to the provincial averages.

Adults and seniors living in this area of the province continue to be challenged by increasing rates of chronic health conditions that have many physical and mental health care implications. While several community members see their health as very good to excellent, the percentage of adults who see their mental health as very good to excellent has decreased. In addition, a considerable proportion of children and youth between nine and 18 years of age describe having symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Finally, despite the increase in the number of residents who have access to a primary care provider since 2011, many residents still face primary care access barriers.

Primary health care services in Nackawic, Harvey, McAdam, Canterbury Area are provided through Horizon’s Nackawic Health Centre, Harvey Health Centre, McAdam Health Centre, Addiction and Mental Health and Public Health services, Extra-Mural Program, as well as private physician offices.

Some of our community partners include: