Community Engagement at Horizon

An opportunity to contribute meaningfully

At Horizon, we value the voices of our patients, families, physicians, staff, and communities in the planning, delivery and improvement of our health care services.

Engagement refers to the span of activities that support diverse voices in shaping and addressing the issues that impact the health and well-being of the community.

This includes the voices of patients, clients, families, residents, community groups, health providers, and businesses. Together, these groups influence problem solving, planning and decision-making processes.

At Horizon, we believe these relationships are key to helping people be healthy in New Brunswick.

Engagement is recognized as a best practice in health care across the country and internationally and supports data-driven and evidence-based decision making. On this page, you can find various tools, resources and publications which contribute to strengthening community engagement at Horizon.

Let’s Talk Horizon is Horizon’s online platform which enables us to gather feedback in a strategic, yet meaningful and convenient way.
Online engagement platforms are widely being used by health care organizations and municipalities to expand their engagement efforts and remove barriers such as time and travel.
Let’s Talk Horizon keeps you up to date on projects and it’s easy for you to share your views through discussion forums, comments, surveys and more.
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Keeping you up to date

We are pleased to share the report that captures the valuable insights and thoughtful feedback from patients, families, community members and leaders, and health care providers who participated in the workshops.

Click the image on the right to read the URVH Engagement on Maternity Care Summary.

We are grateful to those who took time to join us in conversation – your voices are guiding us in enhancing and refining the maternity services at URVH.

For continued updates on this project, please visit

Engagement process

To ensure the engagement we conduct at Horizon with our patients and communities is meaningful, we are committed to keeping you informed of the feedback we obtain from our engagement activities, and how it is considered in the planning and delivery of our health care services.

Horizon’s Health Care Engagement Framework

Horizon’s Health Care Engagement Framework guides the way we engage with our patients, clients and families, as well as our staff, physicians and volunteers in health care decisions.

We value our relationships with our staff and community stakeholders and our framework fosters an environment of transparency and creates opportunity for meaningful engagement. 

Through our engagement work, Horizon encourages and enables people to contribute to decision making on various health care programs, projects, and services.

Contact Horizon’s Community Engagement team

Horizon’s Community Engagement team is regularly looking for both staff and public to be involved in its engagement work.
Greater representation and inclusion helps us to build a better understanding of the communities we serve.
If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact