We are hiring allied health professionals

Every role within Horizon is essential to fulfilling our goal of delivering exceptional patient and client care, with a commitment to quality and safety.
This is your opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of New Brunswickers.

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Allied Health at Horizon

Allied health includes health care professionals who provide diagnostic, technical, and therapeutic services. The roles within allied health cover a wide spectrum of health care disciplines.

At Horizon, our team of allied health professionals work hand-in-hand with physicians, nurses, and other Horizon team members to provide comprehensive, patient-centred care, and support our health care system.

Career paths

There are many opportunities and a diverse range of careers within the domain of allied health. Here are a few examples that are perfect for you:





Occupational Therapist



Learn more about being a psychologist at Horizon!

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Cardiac Sonographer

Diagnostic Imaging Technologists

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Sonographer

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Vascular Sonographer

Learn more about being a sonographer at Horizon!

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Other/Health Administration:

Health Information Management professional

Why work for Horizon

When working at Horizon, you will find work-life balance with a rewarding compensation package that includes competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a pension plan.

Horizon focuses on its people. You will benefit from a positive employee experience through our engagement programs like Years of Service and our Bravo! recognition program. You will also receive support for your development and advancement through programs that promote research, publishing, and innovative practice. You will also see a commitment to your well-being through our safe and respectful workplace programs that include safety initiatives, workplace violence prevention, and employee wellness services.


Employees whose area of expertise falls under allied health are highly in demand. More than half of the health care
personnel in Canada are classified under this category.

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