Redevelopment Projects

Horizon Health Network is at various stages of several large capital projects in our busiest hospitals. These projects will revolutionize the way care is delivered, and provide patients, clients, staff and physicians with state-of-the-art technology in a space equipped to provide safe and quality care.

These are some of the largest redevelopment projects in Horizon’s history and we are proud to share the progress and process as it unfolds. These significant investments in health care will help improve the health and wellbeing of our community members well into the foreseeable future.

Many capital improvement projects (related to upgrades of building systems and infrastructure) are at various phases of planning, design, and tendering; construction will continue, and new projects will begin. These projects also include a plan to upgrade wayfinding throughout all hospitals.

Several priority community projects are commencing in 2023-24. Currently, a review of all community needs focuses on modernized primary and community care for New Brunswickers, which will guide the priority projects.

Learn more about these projects below.

Did you know that Horizon has won multiple awards for our energy management policies and systems?

Watch our team explain some of the ways we save energy in our facilities, such as occupancy sensors, solar panels, pellet boilers, and LED lighting.