Photography, Audio and Video Recording Policy

In keeping with its commitment to the provision of safe and quality care, Horizon Health Network (Horizon) ensures an environment that respects patient, client, visitor, employee and non-employee privacy, dignity and confidentiality. Specifically:

1. Patients, clients, visitors, employees and non-employees obtain consent from all individuals before taking photographs and/or audio/video recordings.

2. Patients, clients, visitors, employees and non-employees are permitted to bring photographic equipment and/or camera/video equipped cellular devices with them to Horizon facilities.

3. Clinicians and research staff may consent to photographs and/or audio/video recordings of themselves by patients, clients, or visitors during clinical and/or research encounters.

4. No photographs and/or audio/video recordings are permitted of standardized assessment, diagnostic tools and/or research tools that are protected under copyright.

5. Patients, clients, visitors, employees and non-employees do not take photographs and/or audio/video recordings in Horizon facilities for commercial use except in compliance with Media Relations (HHN-CO-002).

6. This policy does not apply to the use of radio, television, film crews, and photographers by media while they are on Horizon properties. Refer to Media Relations (HHN-CO-002).

7. Patients, clients, visitors, employees and non-employees who witness non-compliance with this policy ask the person not in compliance to stop taking photographs and/or audio/video recordings, and request for them to delete the photographs and/or audio/video recordings. If there is further non-compliance, an employee or non-employee may call their manager or security for assistance; and, patients, clients and visitors may call security or the patient representative for assistance.

8. Managers, security and the patient representative, after receiving notice of non-compliance with this policy, take appropriate action within their rights and responsibilities, to stop the patient, client, visitor, employee or non-employee from photographing or making audio/video recordings of individuals who did not consent.

9. At Horizon facilities/Foundation events and activities (such as media announcements, celebrations) where there is a reasonable expectation and/or notification that people attending the event/activity may be included in photographs and/or audio/video recordings, it is the responsibility of individuals who do not wish to be photographed and/or audio/video recorded to communicate their wishes to the event organizers and/or the employee(s) taking the photographs and/or audio/video recordings, and move out of the view of cameras and recording devices.