Performance Dashboard

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability to our patients, the clients we serve, and the public. For that reason, Horizon publishes a monthly report that shows the progress we are making to improve health care for all New Brunswickers.

The Performance Dashboard is a detailed representation of our performance in our four critical action priority areas:

  • Patient Flow
  • Access to Services
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Patient Experience

Performance Indicators help us evaluate the care and services we provide. For each performance indicator, the dashboard gives a:

  • Baseline (based on historical performance)
  • Horizon’s target for the current month (based on provincial and national benchmarks)
  • Result for the current month
  • Trend over time

The colour codes reflect the progress made so far.

Green – Met Target

Orange – Improving Performance

Red – Below Target

The dashboard tracks improvements to be made via the performance indicators. It’s, therefore, normal to see orange and red, which flag gaps between current and desired performance.

Detailed Reports

To view more details regarding a performance indicator, please click directly on the indicator.
You can also use the “<” and “>” symbols below to view our progress on each performance indicator.
These reports are updated on a monthly basis.