Regional Program Co-Leaders

Program Management at Horizon

Every day, we are working on solutions to improve your experience, thanks to feedback we receive from our patients, clients and their families.

We are taking an important step toward improved management of Horizon-wide programs by adjusting our leadership and organizational structure of clinical departments.

This is improving collaboration, increasing consistency and improving the patient experience, flow and access across Horizon.

Whether you are having surgery in Saint John or Miramichi, receiving addiction or mental health support in Fredericton or Sackville, visiting an Emergency Department in Moncton or Waterville, our goal is to provide you with the same level of care with services that are truly collaborative, coordinated, and accessible.

To support these efforts, each program has co-leaders:

  1. an Executive Regional Director, Co-Leader – who is responsible for the operational planning, management, and leadership of the regional program while ensuring the best use of resources to provide quality patient care that meets established standards across all health zones.
  2. an Executive Clinical/Academic Department Head, Co-Leader – who oversees daily operations of the regional program in all Horizon facilities relating to the quality of medical care, professional development, and medical staff issues according to by-laws, regulations, and policies.

Program co-leaders will be added to the following list as they are announced.

Surgical and Intensive Care

Executive Regional Director, Co-Leader of Surgical Services, Intensive Care, NB Organ and Tissue Program

Reporting to the Vice President of Clinical Services, Amy joined Horizon in…

Executive Clinical/Academic Department Head, Co-Leader Surgical Services, Intensive Care, NB Organ and Tissue Program

Reporting to the Vice President of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs, Dr….

Emergency Care

Executive Clinical/Academic Head, Emergency Care

Dr. Serge Melanson has been an emergency room physician at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital…

Addiction and Mental Health

Regional Chief of Staff

Dr. Nachiketa (Nachi) Sinha has been practicing as a consultant psychiatrist in…