Riverview and Coverdale Area

About Riverview and Coverdale Area

This area is in eastern New Brunswick and has a population of approximately 24,125 people.

The following communities are located within the area under assessment: Colpitts Settlement, Coverdale, Five Points, Grub Road, Lower Coverdale, Middlesex, Pine Glen, Price, the Town of Riverview, Riverbend Subdivision, Stoney Creek, Synton, Turtle Creek, and Upper Coverdale. There are also a few small communities resting outside the boundary of this area, such as Dawson Settlement, Osbourne Corner, and Shenstone.

Compared to provincial prevalence rates, more adults living in the area report being diagnosed or treated for anxiety and almost 27% indicated that they felt they needed to see or talk to a professional about their mental or emotional health. The mental health of younger generations living in the Riverview and Coverdale Area is also a concern. Despite 78% of youth reporting a moderate to high level of mental fitness, 33% of youth living in the area experience symptoms of anxiety and 34% experience symptoms of depression.

Primary health care services in the Riverview and Coverdale Area are provided through Horizon’s Addiction and Mental Health services, local Public Health services, as well as private physician offices.

Some of our community partners include: