Our Promise

Our Promise is a commitment by Horizon’s leadership team to continue improving the employee and physician experience. It was developed as an authentic, transparent program to help build trust with employees and physicians. Strengthening employee engagement directly improves patient experience and outcomes. The program is also intended to serve as a reminder that retention is a top priority for Horizon.​

You show up everyday to care for New Brunswickers. Our Promise is how Horizon is showing up for you.

Our Promise will demonstrate Horizon’s progress in improving the
employee and physician experience in four focus areas:​

Our Promise includes 19 initiatives developed in response to the feedback we heard from employees and physicians in our last Worklife Pulse survey. These 19 initiatives fall within each of the four Focus Areas. These include numerous initiatives that employees and physicians have identified as important to them, such as flexible scheduling, wellness hubs, enhanced security, mentoring and coaching.

Our Promise Initiatives


Our Promise Recap

Respectful Workplace Policy
Improved Physical Environment
Flexible Scheduling
Wellness Hubs
Safe Patient Handling


Our Promise Ambassador Program



Our Promise Ambassador Program is critical in bringing Our Promise to life! Our goal is to ensure that all employees and physicians know this program and how to get involved to shape it. Our Promise Ambassadors will build excitement about the program and help spread the word to other employees and physicians. We will continue seeking employee and physician feedback on the program through them, test and learn new, innovative initiatives to improve the employee and physician experience.