Social Media Policy

1. The Communications and Community Relations department is responsible for all corporate accounts on social media sites. Standalone social media sites, such as Facebook groups for facilities, are approved by the Communications and Community Relations department.

2. Employees and non-employee personnel do not represent their personal account as a Horizon account or as a Horizon affiliate, or represent themselves in any way as speaking on behalf of Horizon. An employee may post work-related content via social media with approval from the Communications and Community Relations department.

3. Employees and non-employee personnel are respectful, professional, accurate and honest, in all communications.

4. Employees/non-employee personnel do not release, post or share through social media confidential information related to Horizon, the persons who work and learn at Horizon, patients and families, or any community partners. This includes the names or personal information of co-workers, managers or supervisors, as well as discussion of incidents that have occurred in the workplace and that are not generally known outside of the workplace.

5. Employees/non-employee personnel will obtain consent before posting on social media (corporate or personal) photos or video recordings of patients for the purposes of medical education and/or research, even when the patient cannot be readily identified [Consent for Patient Interview, Photography and/or Visual/Audio Recordings (HHN-0028)].

6. Social media activity may not interfere with the work commitments of employees and non-employee personnel.

7. Staff in patient care roles may initiate or accept invites to connect with patients in their care via social networks when they have a relationship that pre-dates the provision of care.