Emergency Departments at Horizon’s regional hospitals are extremely short staffed this weekend and priority will be given to trauma and critical care patients. Patients with non-urgent medical issues may experience long wait times.


Finance, Audit and Resource Committee

The Committee ensures that the Board is kept apprised of fiscal, resource and business issues that may impact the organization’s capacity to meet its strategic plan, mission or vision.

The Committee advises the Board on matters of finance and resource performance. This includes review and recommendation of annual budgets, operational and financial reports, the appointment of independent auditors, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, review of strategy and actions to develop and support a healthy, safe and engaged workforce. 


Pauline Gallant is a New Brunswick Community College graduate in civil engineering,…


Derek Hutchison is a representative for the Miramichi area. Currently, he is…


Based in Moncton, Greg McKim has experience in community and home care…


Natasha Ostaff is originally from Fredericton, and relocated to Moncton in 2002….