Horizon Referral Reward

Get a Horizon Referral Reward for successfully referring a health care worker!

Horizon is actively recruiting nurses, physicians and other health care workers to work in New Brunswick and you can help. If you are a New Brunswick resident, or a Horizon staff member or physician and want to spread the word about Horizon career opportunities, this is your chance to be rewarded – in dollars!

Your reward depends on the eligible position that is successfully referred.

Who you can refer now?

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

The Horizon Referral Reward is currently available for successfully referring a Registered Nurses Class A (RNCA) or a Nurse Practitioner (RNCD) and is $1,000.

If you know someone that may be interested in the career opportunities available in New Brunswick at Horizon, this is your chance to get $1,000!

Right now, for a limited time, if you refer a Registered Nurse (RNCA) to work in one of our Critical Care Units or Emergency Departments, we’ll DOUBLE your reward. That’s $2,000!

*Stay tuned for other eligible positions, and the value of their referral rewards, coming in the near future!*

It’s easy: Refer. Reward. Repeat.

First, tell a health care worker you know about the opportunity and ask them to apply on Horizon’s Job Bank or email, then submit the referral form online.

Once they are successfully hired, you will be rewarded for being part of the recruitment efforts of health care workers in New Brunswick.

Note: When you successfully refer a health care worker, you’ll get the first half as soon as they are hired and the second half after they have been employed for 12 months.

Then refer another health care worker. There is no limit to how many candidates you refer!

Ready to get started?

Horizon Referral Reward Q&As

Which positions are eligible for a referral?

Currently, to receive the Horizon Referral Reward, you must refer a Registered Nurse Class A (RNCA) or Nurse Practitioner (RNCD), and they must:

  1. Apply to eligible positions through Horizon’s career site and indicate that they were referred
  2. Have not been employed within the New Brunswick public system, including employment with a regional health authority (Horizon or Vitalité), the Government of New Brunswick, a nursing home, or Extra-Mural Program/Ambulance NB, in the last 12 months
  3. Have not completed an educational placement with Horizon within the last 12 months

Stay tuned for other eligible health care positions that you could receive a reward for in the near future!

Am I eligible to refer a candidate?

To be eligible to refer a candidate, you must be:

  • A Horizon employee* or physician; or
  • a resident who makes his/her permanent and principal home in New Brunswick; or
  • an international student studying in a New Brunswick educational institution.

*Members of Horizon’s Talent Acquisition and Executive Leadership team are not eligible.

Am I eligible to receive the reward if…

  • I am an employee of Horizon and work at the Sackville Memorial Hospital but live in Amherst?

Yes, you can participate and refer candidates based on the Horizon Referral Program eligibility requirements.

  • I am resident of Amherst and do not work at Horizon?

No, you are not eligible to receive a referral reward as a non-employee who is not a resident of New Brunswick.

  • I am an employee of Horizon and I refer my daughter is completing her preceptorship at Horizon and graduating?

You are not eligible for a referral reward as the candidate completed a student placement in the last 12 months.

The person I would like to refer worked at Horizon as a student before. Can I refer them?

Yes, please refer them. However, you are only eligible for a referral reward if they have not worked at Horizon in the last 12 months.

Can I refer a family member?


Can physicians also get a Horizon Referral Reward if they make a referral?

Yes, unless they are a member of Horizon’s Executive Leadership Team.

Can I refer myself for the program?

No, the program is only for other candidates you refer to Horizon.

How much is the reward for a successful referral?

Each eligible position has its own Horizon Referral Reward.

The Horizon Referral Reward for Registered Nurses (RNCA) and Nurse Practitioners (RNCD) is $1,000 and is paid to the referrer in two installments for assisting in the successful recruitment of a candidate:

  • $500 when the referred candidate’s successful recruitment commences employment (i.e. the start date on the employment of offer).
  • $500 when the successful recruit completes 12 continuous months of service with Horizon.

Note: if you refer an RN to work in one of our Critical Care Units or Emergency Departments, we’ll DOUBLE your reward. That’s $1,000 when the candidate is successfully hired, and $1,000 when they have been working for 12 continuous months.

How will I be notified that my referral was successful?

Horizon’s Talent Acquisition Team emails the referrer to confirm receipt and the eligibility status of the referral. You will then receive an email when you are eligible to receive a referral payment approximately six to eight weeks after the candidate is hired and again after the candidate has been employed for 12 months.

If the referral is not eligible for a reward, you will be notified. However, we are not able to disclose personal candidate information due to privacy reasons and ask that you follow-up with the person you referred for details.

How will the payments be sent to me?

Horizon employees will receive the payment on their paycheques, and all other New Brunswick residents will receive payment via Horizon’s Accounts Payable direct deposit process

I referred someone before the program launched. Can I be paid now?

Thank you for referring a candidate. The Horizon Referral Reward program launched for Registered Nurses (RNCA) on Monday, June 6, 2022. Nurse Practitioners (RNCD) were made eligible on February 24, 2023. Referrals before these dates are unfortunately not eligible for a Horizon Referral Reward. You are only eligible to receive a reward based on eligibility requirements of the program, including completion of the referral form which was posted on June 6, 2022.

Is the Horizon Referral Reward taxable?

Yes, Canada Revenue Agency rules apply to reward payments.

What’s in it for the candidate I refer?

Right now, the Horizon Referral Reward is available for successfully referring Registered Nurses (RNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs).

Registered Nurses can receive up to $20,000 in recruitment incentives and relocation allowances for eligible permanent hard-to-recruit RN positions. Nurse Practitioners can receive up to $15,000 in recruitment incentives and relocation allowances for eligible permanent hard-to-recruit NP positions.

Candidates can learn more about working for Horizon and the incentives at

Who do I contact if I have questions about my referral?


What’s the catch?

There is no catch! The program is designed to provide you a financial incentive to help recruit health care workers to Horizon. The referred candidate must undergo all of the regular hiring process steps. So, right now, if you successfully refer an RN or NP, you are rewarded with $500 at the time of hire for your efforts in the recruitment process, and the remaining $500 after 12 months.

How does the person I refer apply?

Ask your referred candidate to apply at and to indicate who they were referred by or email One of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will then contact the candidate.

Where will the eligible people referred work?

Eligible referrals can work at any Horizon facility or location.

How many referrals can be submitted by one person?

There is no limit to how many candidates you refer. We encourage you to refer, reward, repeat!

Should I notify the person I referred that I submitted them?

Yes, you must notify the person that you are referring that you have referred them to work at Horizon. The person you refer must also indicate you as the referrer, when they apply on Horizon’s Job Bank at

Can someone refer me for the program without my permission?

No, it is a requirement that the person referring must notify the candidate before submitting the referral form online.

Does the person I referred need to be hired in order to receive my payment?


What if the person I referred does not get hired?

If the person you referred is not successfully hired, you will not receive a Horizon Referral Reward, but the referral stays on file for 12 months, after which it expires and is no longer eligible.

We are not able to disclose personal candidate information due to privacy reasons and ask that you follow-up with the person you referred for details.



Our Commitment to Hiring Nurses

Horizon follows the Horizon Recruitment Process for nurse recruitment.

In response to the nursing shortage in New Brunswick, we are committed to hiring all qualified nurses who apply. Horizon has current permanent positions for English-only speaking nurses. Horizon’s Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialists work directly with the nurse candidate to match to a current open vacancy. However, there are many reasons why a nurse may not accept a position including:

  • The current available position(s) are not in areas of interest. Please note that if a specific area of nursing is not available, we will do everything possible to try to get the new hire to their preferred area within a reasonable time of 12 to 24 months.
  • The current available position(s) are not in the location they want to work. Sometimes nurses choose not to work in their hometowns where immediate family members live. The Horizon Recruitment Team offers a safe space for honest conversations.

Horizon cannot disclose personal recruitment information. If you know someone who has not been accepted into a nursing position at Horizon, please ask them directly why not. Horizon continues to recruit all qualified nurses to our current open vacancies. To view our current opportunities, please visit our Job Bank.

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