Disclosure Policy

When a patient experiences harm while receiving healthcare services, full and complete disclosure of the event will occur.

The use and implementation of the following disclosure procedure is a deliberate action that requires effective, honest and transparent communication between all members of the healthcare team and the patient and/or family/substitute decision maker (SDM). Disclosure is not necessarily a single event but can be a dialogue over time (Canadian Disclosure Guidelines, 2011).

Horizon Health Network also encourages and supports disclosure when an event occurs where no harm has resulted but the potential for harm exists that requires a change(s) from the intended plan of care. Disclosure of a no harm incident and near-miss event is a matter of clinical and professional judgement and is determined on a case by case base by the healthcare provider in consultation with risk management.

In any circumstance, all media communication related to disclosure is managed through the Communications Department in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or designate.