Central New Brunswick

About Central New Brunswick

The Central New Brunswick area is a diverse region both geographically and demographically. Apart from the growing community of Douglas, the region is primarily comprised of rural villages.

Included in Central New Brunswick are the communities of Blissfield, Ludlow, Boiestown, McLeod Hill, Burtts Corner, New Bandon, Doaktown, Royal Road, Douglas, Saint Marys, Estey’s Bridge, Stanley, Hamtown Corner, Tay Creek, Killarney Road, and Upper Miramichi.

The population of the Central NB Area is 15,803 (2011). Although the population has seen an increase of three per cent between 2006 and 2011, this increase is due mainly to the development of the Douglas area. Similarly, although data indicates Central NB has a younger population, this is skewed by the inclusion of the Douglas area where many younger families reside.

Historically, the rural areas of Central NB relied predominantly on the forestry industry which has seen a decline in recent decades. Given that large parts of the area follow the Miramichi River, the salmon fishing industry is a major aspect of the community’s history and culture, as well as a source of employment. In the more rural parts of the community, the population is mainly made up of seniors.

Median household income in the community is $56,579 (2011) and 17 per cent of people in the Central NB area live in low income.

Data shows that the community has elevated rates of chronic diseases such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and emphysema/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

Primary health care services in Central NB are provided through Horizon’s Central Miramichi Community Health Centre in Doaktown, Stanley Health Centre, and Boiestown Health Centre and family physicians.

Some of our community partners include: