SeamlessMD digital app to enhance experience for Horizon hip and knee replacement patients

(HORIZON) – Horizon Health Network (Horizon) is expanding the availability of a leading Canadian-made digital patient journey application to patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery.

Beginning this week, patients scheduled for a hip or knee replacement surgery in a Horizon hospital will be able to access the SeamlessMD app from their smartphones, tablets, or computers, and are guided before and after surgery with reminders, evidence-based education, symptom-tracking surveys and videos to help them follow the care plan prescribed by their care team. 

Family members and caregivers can also access the app, making it easier to support the patient.

“We are very pleased to expand access to SeamlessMD as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care and enhancing the overall patient experience,” said Dr. Patricia Bryden, Executive Clinical/Academic Department Head and Co-Leader of Horizon Surgical Services and Critical Care. “Not only does this enhance the patient experience, but it also improves patient safety and reduces anxiety. The platform is allowing patients to return home earlier, freeing up hospital beds and reducing the need to cancel procedures due to a lack of bed availability.”

This initiative is in alignment with Horizon’s key priority of improving patient experiences, as this digital tool has proven successful in positively impacting patient users in health care organizations across North America by empowering patients to track and remain better informed of their health care journeys.

This approach helps patients stay on track with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, an evidence-based approach to preparation and recovery that Horizon surgical teams use to help patients achieve the best possible recovery. 

Funding for extending the availability of SeamlessMD to hip and knee replacement patients was provided by the provincial Department of Health. 

Validated by more than 35 clinical studies and evaluations across multiple specialties to improve patient outcomes by helping them to recover faster and reduce costs, the platform generates automated feedback to help facilitate patient self-management.

SeamlessMD – which was named by the CAN Health Network as its Company of the Year in 2022 – was successfully introduced at the New Brunswick Heart Centre (NBHC) in early 2023, where it has been made available to patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

The CAN Health Network provides support for innovative Canadian technologies offering solutions for the health care system by working with members, including health care organizations (Edges) such as Horizon, and Canadian technology companies.

About SeamlessMD

SeamlessMD provides the leading Digital Care Journey platform for hospitals and health systems to engage, monitor and stay connected with patients across healthcare journeys. 35+ clinical studies & evaluations have shown SeamlessMD to improve the patient experience while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and ED visits. Health systems such as Trillium Health Partners, SE Health, William Osler Health System, Sunnybrook, Grand River Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Nova Scotia Health Authority, and others use SeamlessMD to elevate the patient experience, improve outcomes and lower costs. Patients access digital care plans on their smartphones, tablets or computers and are guided via reminders, education, and progress tracking. Providers receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. To learn more visit

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