Spiritual Care

For hospitalized patients and their families

When your health is changing, or life seems out of balance, a Spiritual Care Practitioner can help you and your family maintain and draw on your sense of identity, meaning and purpose to promote healing.

Spirituality is a person’s unique spirit or SONG. It may be found in religion, but it does not need to be.

Spirituality is the connection to:




God or a Greater purpose

Spirituality is an important part of healing.

A spiritual care practitioner can help you focus on the values, relationships, practices and beliefs that help you cope with spiritual distress and find inner strength, peace, hope and joy.

Consider a request for spiritual care for symptoms of spiritual distress:

Hopelessness   |   Fear   |   Worry   |   Guilt   |   Indifference   |   Helplessness

Withdrawal   |   Grief   |   Shame   |   Resentment   |   Loneliness

Feeling lost   |   Anger

Clinical Spiritual Care

Clinical Spiritual Care Practitioners are clinically trained members of the health care team. They help integrate your spirituality into the health care plan to promote healing.

Community Religious Care

Community Religious Care Providers can be contacted upon request to provide care for members of their faith tradition (church, temple, mosque, synagogue, etc.).

If you want the Religious Care Provider(s) from your faith community to visit you when they come to the hospital, ask to have your name put on the religious care list.

Indigenous Cultural Care

Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers are available to provide spiritual and cultural support for Indigenous patients and clients.

Contact Information

Horizon Health Network is committed to providing patient- and client-centred care shaped by compassion and respect for the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Moncton/Sackville: 506-857-5348

Saint John Regional Hospital: 506-648-6014
St Joseph’s Hospital: 506-632-5429

Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital: 506-452-5408

Miramichi Regional Hospital: 506-623-3287

Upper River Valley Hospital: 506-452-5408


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