Primary Health Care Network – Fredericton

The Fredericton Primary Health Care Network is a virtual facility that houses professional staff who work out of various locations supporting primary health care initiatives in the Greater Fredericton Area. These staff members work to meet the needs of the community and provide services from sites close to where individual or community need is greatest. They see clients one on one for clinical services and also work in group settings.

Currently, the network employs 2 social workers, 2 nurse practitioners, a dietitian and a respiratory therapist. They provide a range of services:

  • Clinical sexual health services in the high schools
  • COPD screening
  • Various groups covering topics related to nutrition (introduction of solids to infants, low-cost healthy eating), mental health (anxiety group, stress management), system navigation (seniors’ group)
  • Outreach services – diabetic clinic, healthy aging clinic

Services can be accessed by request through any of the primary health care sites in Fredericton.