Dr. Gordon Corbett Keith Dow

Infection Prevention and Control Director, The Moncton Hospital, Horizon Health Network / Regional Infectious Diseases Medical Director, Horizon Health Network


Gordon Dow is an Infectious Disease consultant in full-time clinical practice at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital in New Brunswick and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Dalhousie University. He obtained his medical degree from Dalhousie University in 1987 and subsequently obtained specialist certification in Internal Medicine after completing an Internal Medicine residency at the University of British Columbia in 1992. He then obtained a subspecialty certification in Infectious Diseases in 1993 at the University of Manitoba, and then completed a two-year research fellowship at the University of Manitoba and obtained a Masters in Community Health Sciences in 1999.

He currently is:

  • Division Head of Infectious Diseases at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital
  • Director of the Moncton Hospital HIV Treatment Program
  • Chair of the Regional Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Co-chairman for the Horizon Health Network Regional COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Horizon’s Regional Infectious Diseases Medical Director
  • Member of the Provincial Pandemic Task Force
  • Director of the Diabetes Foot Clinics at The Moncton Hospital and Horizon’s Miramichi Regional Hospital

He has participated in over 30 clinical trials. Research interests include the management of bone, joint and soft tissue infection, amputation prevention in persons with diabetes, HIV infection, and management of infection in immunocompromised hosts. Pandemic response planning has been his major focus since the spring of 2020.

Gord and his wife, Lynn, have 3 adult children, Natalie (John), Mareika (Jesse) and Caleb (Meghan) and one granddaughter, Ada. In his free time, Gord enjoys exploring our incredible Canadian outdoors, canoeing the historic New Brunswick waterways utilized by First Nations and woodworking. Going forward, he hopes to be able to devote more time toward nature conservancy in New Brunswick.

  • BSc, Biology, University of New Brunswick, 1983
  • MD cum laude with Distinction, Dalhousie University, 1987
  • Internal Medicine Residency University of British Columbia, 1988-91
  • FRCP(C) Internal Medicine, 1992
  • Infectious Disease Fellowship University of Manitoba, 1991-93
  • FRCP(C) Infectious Disease, 1993
  • Masters in Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, 1999

  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Memorial University
  • Infectious Diseases, Division Head, The Moncton Hospital
  • HIV Director, The Moncton Hospital
  • Diabetes Foot Program, Director, The Moncton Hospital and Miramichi Regional Hospital
  • Infection Prevention and Control, Director, The Moncton Hospital
  • Regional Infection Prevention and Control Committee, Chair, Horizon Health Network
  • Regional COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Committee, Co-Chair, Horizon Health Network
  • Infectious Diseases, Regional Director, Horizon Health Network
  • Co-chair of Horizon Infectious Diseases/Medical Microbiology Advisory Group
  • Pandemic Task Force, Province of New Brunswick

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  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Infection/Ulceration and Amputation Prevention
  • Bloodstream Infections
  • HIV
  • Management of Bone and Joint Infection
  • Management of Infection in Immunocompromised Hosts
  • Pandemic Planning and Response

  • UBC General Internal Medicine Award for Excellence during Residency training, 1991
  • Golden Jubilee Medal, 2002
  • Northumberland Specialty Teaching Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching, 2006
  • Royal College Prix d’excellence Region 5, 2007
  • Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012
  • Northumberland Specialty Teaching Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching, 2012/2013