Report to Our Communities highlights progress, achievements and collaboration taking place across Horizon

Report to Our Communities highlights progress, achievements and collaboration taking place across Horizon

(HORIZON) – Horizon Health Network (Horizon) is making significant progress to action strategic improvements aimed at strengthening the recruitment and retention of health care workers, while delivering better access to services, improving the overall patient experience, and optimizing patient flow in our facilities.

Horizon’s fourth-ever Report to Our Communities highlights much of the innovative work that has taken place throughout the organization in recent months to address ongoing challenges in the health care system and better serve patients.

Dozens of initiatives have been actioned and implemented in alignment with Horizon’s four critical action priorities – touching virtually every corner of Horizon’s operations – with the overarching goal of establishing a responsive, nimble health care system that is able to best meet the needs of all New Brunswickers.

“Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of significant improvements to our health system over the past four months,” said Margaret Melanson, Horizon President and CEO. “I’m pleased to update you on our progress, and to show how working together with government and community partners, patients and clients is vitally important in improving and optimizing health care in our province,”

Overall, a total of 54 improvement projects are currently underway in all regional hospitals, as well as at 15 community sites and 22 separate departments and programs.

“These strategic initiatives – developed and implemented with direct input from physicians, staff and community partners – reflect the swift action Horizon has taken to address ongoing challenges in the health care system,” Ms. Melanson added. “Many of these are driven by increased demands for services accelerated by a rapidly growing, aging population in New Brunswick and a global competition for physicians and health care workers.”

“I have been privileged to witness firsthand the incredible work of our staff, physicians, and volunteers. The scope, scale and impact of their efforts to enhance health care across New Brunswick is truly inspiring,” added Susan Harley, Chair of Horizon’s Board of Directors.

“As you review this edition of our Report to our Communities, I hope you will share in my excitement as we highlight Horizon’s achievements, track our progress, and celebrate the innovative initiatives, growth, and improvements to health care in communities across New Brunswick.”

Some highlights from our latest report include:

  • Successfully recruitment of 2,303 new employees to Horizon in the 2023-24 fiscal year, including more than 900 nurses and 150 physicians.
  • Horizon surgical teams eliminated the long waiter list for hip and knee surgeries, completing 2,917 hip and knee replacements — an increase of over 700 surgeries from the previous year.
  • Horizon is modernizing its 46 Community Health Centre sites to maximize their role in delivering a variety of quality, accessible primary care services under one roof by transitioning to a Patient Medical Home model.
  • Fredericton Urgent Treatment Centre has expanded services to 3 days a week and is serving 50 to 70 patients daily, reducing the number of patients presenting to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital emergency department.
  • Engaged in over 75 collaborative, community engagement initiatives in collaboration with community partners.

examples of innovative initiatives and solutions which have been actioned to enhance access to emergency care, surgeries, addiction and mental health services, as well as improving patient flow in our facilities, providing a better experience for our patients and clients, and prioritizing the retention and recruitment of health care workers, and we encourage New Brunswickers to take the time to read through the report in full.

View the report here.

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