A Breath of Fresh Air – Horizon’s Green Initiative in Operating Rooms

Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital and Sackville Memorial Hospital are taking significant steps to contribute to a greener planet. Recently, both facilities have ceased the use of desflurane in their operating rooms by switching to the environmentally friendly gas known as sevoflurane. Unlike desflurane, sevoflurane does not emit greenhouse gases and is now used to effectively induce anesthesia for surgeries.

Based on the purchasing history of these two types of gases at Horizon’s ORs in Moncton and Sackville, the combined reduction of greenhouse gases is equivalent to the carbon emissions from 120 passenger vehicles.

The same eco-friendly initiative has also been launched at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

“The switch to a greener gas was easy and hasn’t changed our practice, so we hope other ORs will follow suit and make this eco-friendly shift,” said Dr. Stewart Forbes, Chief of Anesthesiology at The Moncton Hospital, who readily took immediate action.

Leading the transition within Horizon’s facilities is Douglas Doucette, the Regional Director of Pharmacy Services. “We are encouraged by our operating rooms’ commitment to adopting a more environmentally friendly gas as we continue to explore the environmental impact of health care activities. Whether through substantial or subtle interventions, collaborating on initiatives at the departmental, facility, or organizational levels can collectively enhance our environment,” said Mr. Doucette.

In the pursuit of a greener future, Horizon commends the dedication and vision of its physicians, staff, and volunteers who provide patient care while choosing environmentally responsible practices. This is one of many initiatives, related to our Critical Action Priorities, that are made possible when our frontline staff and our medical professionals are engaged in finding solutions that increase positivity in our work environment.