Total Knee Replacement Surgery (Arthroplasty) at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital

As of December 2022, we are pleased to offer total knee replacement surgeries in our state-of-the-art unit at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital in Waterville.

How is the surgery performed?

This surgery replaces the knee joint with an artificial joint.

In some cases, you may have surgery in the morning and go home in the afternoon/evening after working with our team to make sure you can return home safely. An overnight stay may be required for others.

Did you know?

  • Our team can replace up to 8 knees per week.
  • Our goal is to provide a seamless service so that the entire surgery experience, from the moment you arrive to the hospital to the time it is safe for you to leave, be within 24 hours.

How do I access this service?

If you are having trouble walking, please speak with your family physician, your primary health care provider, or a physiotherapist. You may then be referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a discussion about knee replacement. If knee surgery is indicated, arrangements will then be made by the surgical team.

How do I prepare for knee surgery?

Before your scheduled surgery you will receive at least two appointments. A nurse from the pre-operative assessment clinic will meet with you to discuss your health history, home medications and instructions for surgery. As well, an in-person or virtual appointment will be made with you to discuss your plan for support and access within your home after surgery. They will assist in prescribing the home health care equipment you may require after your surgery (e.g., walker, bath seat).

What to expect after my surgery?

Before leaving the hospital, you will have a conversation with your surgical team and receive written instructions to help with your recovery at home.

It’s important that you take time to review your recovery plan and ask questions if there is anything you are unsure of before you leave.

Your preparation is important for your success. Please review the following resources prior to your surgery:

Educational Video

Knee Replacement Surgery – What you need to know before, during and after:

Read your “Guide to Hip/Knee Surgery” provided by your surgeon’s office. If you require another copy, contact your surgeon’s office.

Note: Arrange for one friend or family member to be your support on the day of your surgery and when you are leaving the hospital. You are responsible for your own transportation home (to a private residence, long-term care facility, etc.) when you leave the hospital.

Helpful Resources

  • A list of hotels and motels in the area is available on Yellow Pages’ website by clicking here.
  • Save all receipts – Travel for medical appointments is tax deductible if you have the receipts to show the expenses. Even a meal for the driver and your hotel stay could be tax deductible. To learn about medical expenses you can claim on your federal tax return, click here for information available on the Government of Canada’s website.
  • GLA:D For patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis – It is an evidence-based program to treat and manage hip and/or knee osteoarthritic symptoms and help manage and slow the progression of osteoarthritis, improve patient outcomes (increase function, decrease pain), and reduce the need for total joint replacements and opioid use. To contact our team in the Fredericton and Upper River Valley area, dial toll-free 1-833-928-2070.