Pediatric Asthma Clinic

What are Pediatric Asthma Clinics?

Pediatric asthma, or childhood asthma, is a common chronic disease that affects infants and children. Horizon offers services to help diagnose and manage breathing problems such as wheezing (whistling sound), coughing, and rapid breathing.

How is this service provided?

Diagnostic tests may include X-rays, blood tests, allergy skin tests and pulmonary function tests. When your child is diagnosed with asthma, you and your child will then have appointments with a certified asthma educator to determine the best treatment; your educator may make adjustments to your child’s care plan along the way.

Appointments provide education about asthma, help identify personal triggers and develop an individualized action plan.

How can I access it?

If you are concerned about your child’s breathing, please talk with your family physician or primary health care provider. You may then be referred to us for this service.

How do I prepare for it?

As you prepare for your appointment, you may wish to make a list of what you want to discuss with the asthma educator. Many patients find it helpful to write a list of their concerns since writing these concerns ensures they don’t forget anything.

Children over six (6) years of age are asked to perform a spirometry test before taking medication. If the child normally takes a reliever/inhaler, they may be asked not to take this medication for four (4) hours prior to their appointment.

Where is it offered at Horizon?

Asthma clinics are available for adults and children at most sites, with the exception of Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital, where only a pediatric program is offered.

Horizon locations offering this service:

Facility Name Address Phone
Saint John Regional Hospital 400 University Ave., Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4L2 506-648-6000