Family Planning Clinic – Abortion Clinic

The Family Planning Clinic offers information on and access to a range of services associated with unplanned pregnancy and contraception.

Available services include:

  • Assistance with pregnancy decision-making
  • Abortion care
    • Surgical abortions for a pregnancy of less than 14 weeks, and up to 16 weeks depending on physician availability
    • Medical abortion for a pregnancy of less than 9 weeks
    • Access to emergency contraception
    • Contraception counseling
    • Intra-uterine device insertion, change and removal
    • Contraception implant (Nexplanon) insertion, change and removal

Patients can access the clinic with or without a referral from a physician.

Toll-free number: 1-844-806-9205

Phone lines are open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Due to often high volume of calls, please leave a detailed message on our voicemail. We return calls during regular business hours.


ProcedureEarly Medical AbortionUterine Aspiration (Surgical Abortion)
How does it work?Combination of medication that cause the uterus to push out the pregnancy tissueDoctor uses suction to empty your uterus
When can it be done?Pregnancy less than 9 weeksPregnancy less than 14 weeks
(and up to 16 weeks depending on physician availability)
How effective is it?95% success rate99% success rate
How much does it cost?Free for health care card holders from across CanadaFree for health care card holders from across Canada
How long does it take for the abortion to be complete?Usually completed within 48 hoursProcedure itself usually takes less than 15 minutes
What are the advantages of this method?High success rate (95%)
Ability to pass the pregnancy at home may offer women more privacy
Can be used very early in pregnancy
Resembles a ‘natural miscarriage’ or a heavy menstrual period
Avoids uterine aspiration, unless it fails (5%)
It is possible to have Nexplanon implant inserted at the same appointment
High success rate (99%)
Usually less bleeding and pain for less time
Performed by a physician with support of nurses and counsellor
A very simple and safe procedure that involves uterine aspiration
Procedure is completed in less than 15 minutes
It is possible to have an intra-uterine devices (IUD) or Nexplanon implant inserted right away, at the end of the procedure
What are the disadvantages of this method?Cramping can be very painful for some women
Bleeding may last longer than after uterine aspiration
Women often see blood clots and may see pregnancy tissue
About 5% of women will need a uterine aspiration after medical abortion
Follow-up bloodwork is required seven days later to assess successful treatment (can be done in your home community)
Involves a procedure in which medical instruments enter the uterus
May seem less private to some women
Partner or support person are not permitted in the procedure room (COVID-19 Update: Click here for guidelines or restrictions that may be in place.)
A driver is required
Will abortion affect future pregnancies?NoNo

Horizon locations offering this service:

Facility Name Address Phone
The Moncton Hospital 135 MacBeath Ave., Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 6Z8 506-857-5111