April 2017

Horizon’s engagement in Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) has greatly contributed to our growth and evolution as an organization and has helped us to clearly see the individual needs of all our unique communities. Building on this work, Broadening our Focus: Identifying regional priorities from the needs of our communities, is a report that moves us even further in this direction by highlighting 20 regional level priorities resulting from an analysis of all the combined CHNA data gathered. Leaning on our organization’s core value of we act with integrity and are accountable, it is clear that Horizon has an active role to play in each of these priorities. Knowing that these priorities are built, not only on current and relevant research in the area, but also on the words and stories of the individuals and communities we serve, gives us reassurance that we are on the right track! The Broadening our Focus report has become an important guide to help us keep the words and stories of our people and communities at the forefront of our decision making, helping us to further strive towards our mission of Helping People Be Healthy.