Welcome to New Brunswick 

Rebecca and Stéphane were ready for a change and they knew it was time to be closer to family.  

The couple, both health care workers, had been living on Prince Edward Island for over ten years and like many people, felt isolated during the height of the pandemic. They missed being around for holidays and being able to travel off the island to see family.

“That’s kind of when we started talking about where there might be opportunities for us,” said Rebecca. “The big thing was not being able to see our family. During the pandemic, my sister had two kids we only saw virtually.”

Motivated by their desire to be closer to family and not miss out on any of those special moments, they began planning their move to New Brunswick and decided Fredericton, where Rebecca’s twin sister lives, was the perfect choice. 

Nurse Practitioner Rebecca had an interview with Sarah Hamilton, one of Horizon’s talent acquisition specialists. Rebecca told her that she and Stéphane were a package deal.

“Sarah immediately went to Kerry Kennedy (Regional Director, Talent Acquisition), and I felt valued,” said Stéphane. “I was surprised at the opportunities. It was rapid, for sure. I didn’t expect it.”

Their move to NB not only benefited their family life, but it was also a great move for Horizon and the Fredericton community.

Stéphane is now an administrative director at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, and Nurse Practitioner Rebecca is working as part of the Episodic Care Program based out of the Fredericton Downtown Community Health Centre (FDCHC).

“Fredericton offers culture and outdoor space,” said Stéphane. “Both of us are outdoorsy and living close to Odell Park for our daily walk was important. I cross-country ski quite a bit, and I gravel bike, all that stuff.”

Rebecca is looking forward to embracing her role as a Horizon nurse practitioner, is optimistic about the future and can see the potential in her new role.

“The care we are providing to patients at the community health centre is one way we can help divert the non-emergent medical needs from the Emergency Department and also provide more timely access to patients without a primary care provider.” she said.  “As a nurse practitioner, I’ll be able to be a part of the solution by offering patients care.”

Welcome to New Brunswick, Rebecca and Stéphane! We’re so happy you’re here and can’t wait to see what you accomplish.