Licenced Counselling Therapist Candidate hired, increasing access to therapy in primary health care facilities

Danielle, a Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate (LCT-C) based out of Horizon’s Fredericton Northside Community Health Centre, recently started her new role and is passionate about making a difference in the community.

The LCT-C is a new Horizon role focused on delivering one-at-a-time therapy to New Brunswickers.

One-at-a-time therapy is a one-time therapy session offered by the LCT-C; however, patients may return for more sessions on an as-needed basis. This model allows patients to be seen the same day or next day by bringing the service into a primary health care setting.

“Each session is approximately an hour long. The patient and I work together to figure out what the most important thing they want to address in that session. We’ll talk about what the issue is, their strengths, and resources they have. This allows me to provide additional resources and plan for next steps in their care,” said Danielle.

This allows the LCT-C to meet with as many patients as possible while increasing access to therapy in the Fredericton area. The LCT-C can help patients address challenges like grief and loss, addictions, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship difficulties, crisis, trauma, career or employment, and more.

Danielle’s services can be accessed from Horizon’s Fredericton Northside Community Health Centre, Harvey Health Centre, and McAdam Health Centre. There is no age restriction, and you do not need to be a patient at any of the three health centres to attend a session.

“Patients can make an appointment with me just like they would with their primary care provider. My position and the others that are being filled across Horizon are helping to alleviate the stress and wait-list load from mental health and addictions services,” said Danielle.

Danielle said her favourite part of her job is that she can provide access to care to anyone, regardless of their income or if they have health insurance.

“I’ve always wanted to help people, but in private practice, people have to pay, and if they don’t have coverage, it’s really expensive. I love the fact that I get to work within the public health system, and I don’t have to worry about patients not being able to access my service. And that means that it’s more accessible for all kinds of people.” Welcome to Horizon, Danielle! We are happy to have you as a dedicated member of our team.

If you or someone you know is interested in booking an appointment with Danielle, contact:

McAdam Health Centre: 506-784-6300 (Mondays)

Fredericton Northside Community Health Centre: 506-443-2135 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

Harvey Health Centre: 506-366-6400 (Thursdays)

Did you know? Another LCT-C has been hired at Horizon’s Petitcodiac Health Centre. Stay tuned for details about the LCT-C and their services arriving soon to the Moncton area.