Integrated Service Delivery teams are helping children and youth with addictions and mental health concerns through therapeutics and education

Youth across New Brunswick who are struggling with addictions and mental health concerns are benefiting from Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) teams and mental health clinicians like Jessica Thebeau.

Jessica is a mental health clinician and part of an ISD team that works with children and youth in the Moncton and surrounding areas. She and her team work with youth and their families to help them overcome their struggles.

“I work with children and youth to help them establish goals to address the concerns that bring them in,” said Jessica. “This could be teaching them and their family new skills or building on their current strengths to achieve their therapeutic goals.”

The goal of ISD teams is to offer children and youth a multidisciplinary team of support and meet with them where they are. The teams, made up of psychology, social work, health care and education professionals, meet with children and youth in schools and community settings to make it easier for them to access the services.

“Ensuring children, youth, and their families receive therapeutic support in a meaningful and timely manner is a critical part of my role,” said Jessica. “Receiving the right level of support at the right time can help prevent developing a more serious physical or mental health condition in the future.”

Jessica and her team also work with caregivers, school staff and community partners to ensure youth struggling with addictions and mental health concerns are supported in all aspects of their lives.

“I feel privileged to be a piece of the puzzle in helping children, and their families become the best version of themselves,” said Jessica. “I love seeing their mental health improve as they create change in their lives and gain skills to manage their struggles.”

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