Exploring the role of Clinical Social Workers at Horizon

Social workers play a vital role in health care at Horizon. For Sarah Kallar, the relationship she builds with clients and patients is what makes her job special.

As a clinical social worker at Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital and the Ridgewood Veterans Wing, she helps identify the needs of patients.

“I chose the specialty of social work in health care as I wanted to meet clients where they are in their recovery and work with them to create personalized care plans,” said Sarah.

“I prioritize building a safe and inclusive environment for patients and their families so they can share their experiences and explore their care needs and goals.”

Clinical social workers help patients navigate the health care system, connecting them and their families to community resources and supports.

Erica Hull, a clinical social worker at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital in Waterville, chose the profession because she always knew she wanted to help people.

“We help patients and their families when they receive a serious diagnosis or experience a traumatic injury and support them,” said Erica. “That can include planning for a safe discharge or helping them navigate assistance programs for medications, travel or finances. We also provide emotional support and counselling for patients and their families.”

Advocating for her patients is one of Sarah’s favourite parts of her job.

“Navigating the complex systems in New Brunswick can be challenging,” added Sarah. “I feel a sense of pride when I’m advocating for patients and helping them get the care or resources they need.”

March is Social Work month. Are you interested in a career as a social worker in health care? To learn more about careers at Horizon, visit our website or email Careers@HorizonNB.ca to speak with a talent acquisition specialist today.