“A small hospital with a large heart”: Why Kendra chose a career at Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital

Kendra, registered nurse (RN), came to Sackville with the goal of providing safe and timely care to her patients while recognizing the importance of taking care of herself. She’s taken on a new role within the emergency department (ED) of Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH).

“We must start taking care of ourselves after many years of taking care of others,” said Kendra.

Kendra has worked in multiple roles within Horizon including as a nurse manager and a critical care nurse. Her most recent change of roles comes from discovering the ample career opportunities available for staff at the SMH while maintaining and utilizing her critical care training and skills.

“After speaking to the nurse manager it was clear the SMH was the place to work,” said Kendra. “The SMH is not only dedicated to recruiting staff, but they are also very involved in retaining the staff they currently have and recognize the unique skill set, and training emergency department nurses provide.” 

Nursing staff at the SMH have the opportunity to cross-train between multiple hospital departments. Due to the size of the community hospital, staff can have flexibility in their work while improving the working relationship between units.

Despite recent challenges presented to staff following the flooding of the ED, Kendra noted management was quick to provide feasible solutions that addressed staff concerns while maintaining safe patient care.

“The staff and management continue to exceed my expectations. No matter what challenges and roadblocks we face, staff satisfaction and safe patient care are always the priority,” she said.

Kendra referred to Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital as “a small hospital with a large heart”.

Thank you for your commitment to health care in New Brunswick, Kendra!

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