Students Explore Careers in Health Care at Sackville Engagement Day

Horizon and the Centre of Excellence for Health hosted an ‘Engagement Day’ at the Sackville Memorial Hospital on November 29th. Staff engaged with high-school students from Moncton and Sackville to explore careers in the health care industry. Students had the opportunity to participate in presentations, activities and hands-on learning experiences from Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging, Nutrition and Food Services, and Medical Device Reprocessing. They also heard from the Mayor of Sackville, Shawn Mesheau, and local MLA, Megan Mitton about the benefits of establishing a career in a rural area.

Some highlights from the day include students having the chance to practice CPR on dummies with an RN and LPN, seeing high-tech CPR equipment in action on a CPR dummy, and exploring how a portable MRT machine works. They toured different areas of the hospital such as Physiotherapy and Medical Device Reprocessing and visited the kitchen to learn how the Chef prepares foods for patients’ varying needs. They even taste tested some foods in different states of thickness to experience how patients are served.

We want to extend a special thank you to our sponsors, presenters and the organizers who brought this great event together. And thank you to the wonderful students who took part in learning about the health care industry!