10-10-10: support, accountability, and a cash incentive for a healthier life

It’s a simple concept: you pay $10 to register and you’re weighed weekly for 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 weeks, you and anyone who’s lost 10 pounds, splits the registration money.

The 10-10-10 program is run by Registered Nurse, Maxine Caissie, who serves as the coordinator of Horizon’s Rogersville Health Centre.

“So if I have 30 people registered, but only two make the 10-pound goal, those two people get $150,” Maxine said.

When people sign up, they pay the $10 fee and get weighed. Then, they come back each week to get weighed.

“There is counselling, if people need it, we can refer them to the dietitian,” Maxine said. “And some people just want to get weighed on the same scale, every week.”

Programs like Weight Watchers aren’t available in a small community like Rogersville, so we rely on outside the box thinkers like Maxine to find creative ways to work towards Horizon’s mission of Helping People Be Healthy.

“I often say that good health is more than good health care, it goes beyond the walls of our hospitals – it starts with wellness,” said Jean Daigle, Horizon’s VP of Community. “And like health care, the work Maxine does in Rogersville extends far beyond her work as an RN and coordinator at the health centre.”

Only 10 per cent of health is tied to the health system, which is why Horizon works with individuals and agencies at the community level to address the remaining 90 per cent.

“Maxine offering community programs like 10-10-10 at Horizon’s Rogersville Health Centre is what we like to see happening at the community level,” Jean said. “People go in for their weigh-in and if they’re struggling, they can be referred to the dietitian. It’s simple and it works.”

The village is located approximately 50 kilometres south of the city of Miramichi and has a population of 1,116 (Statistics Canada, 2016). To drive to Miramichi, on a sunny day, takes approximately 40 minutes. In the winter, it takes even longer.

“It’s just not feasible for people to drive to the city on a weekly basis like that, so we had to offer something easy right here in Rogersville,” said Maxine.

Maxine started the 10-10-10 program in 2012, and aside from the Christmas season, she runs them back-to-back.

“As soon as one finishes, I start another one, but no one wants to come in over Christmas,” she said with a laugh. “But I know in January, I’ll have at least 30 or 40 people sign up.”

Maxine said the 10-10-10 is about being held accountable.

“You’re accountable to yourself. You get on the scale and you know you’ve gained weight, but you say to yourself: ‘OK I’m going to do better this week’.”

Maxine said there are a few couples who come together, which is added accountability.

“I often say, if you come with another person, you’re accountable to them,” she said. “Sometimes people will say ‘Oh I had a bad week, I’m not going,’ but if you come with a friend, they’ll encourage you.”

For more information on the 10-10-10 program, call Horizon’s Rogersville Health Centre at 506-775-6108.