Show your health care workers love by sending a Bravo!

Horizon’s Bravo! program started in 2016 as a way for employees to recognize each other for their great work efforts. In 2019, it opened to the public so they could recognize staff. This year we celebrate six years of success for the program.

When someone sends a Bravo! it touches more than just the employee.

When one is submitted, the employee’s manager receives it, and then present’s it to them. Each manager has a different way of presenting them.

Julie, the Echocardiography department manager at Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital, said when one of her staff members receives a Bravo! she is excited to share it with them.

“I prefer to congratulate staff privately, but I always include my area and regional directors with each staff recognition,” said Julie.

“It validates all the great work they do each and every day. I always feel a Bravo! from a patient is extra special because it demonstrates how staff impact our patients’ care and overall well-being.”

Natalie, a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer, chose a career in health care because she enjoys caring for people. Receiving a Bravo! that recognizes her efforts makes her feel like she’s making a difference.

“Receiving a Bravo! encourages me to continue to work hard and reminds me that compassion, conversations, silly jokes or just being a listening ear does matter,” said Natalie. “Someone once told me ‘Treat all patients the way you would want your family to be treated.’ Since then, I’ve attempted to implement that kind of care for all patients.”

Natalie also feels a Bravo! from the public is a bit more special.

“It definitely is nice to be recognized by management and colleagues, but personally, I feel a Bravo! from someone in the public is a little more special because it means that patient wanted to acknowledge the job that you did or the care you provided to them.”

Nov. 15, 2022, marks the Bravo! program’s sixth birthday.
We encourage everyone to celebrate by sending an employee a Bravo!