Sarah Hamilton weighs in on what it’s like to be a Horizon Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meet Sarah Hamilton, a Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialist at Horizon Health Network (Horizon). Sarah joined the Nursing Talent Acquisition Team in the midst of the pandemic when nursing shortages became prevalent not only in New Brunswick, but across Canada. Sarah and the Nursing Talent Acquisition team play an integral role in nurse recruitment at Horizon.

Sarah really believes there is something for everyone at Horizon and she is dedicated to helping candidates find their paths.

“I’m very strong on fostering ongoing relationships,” she said.

Sarah and the Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialist team are working hard to hire Class A Registered Nurses (RNCAs) and are excited about the new Horizon Referral Reward. The Horizon Referral Reward offers $1,000 to New Brunswick residents and Horizon employees upon the successful recruitment and hiring of an RN.  

(Horizon will look at offering incentives for the successful recruitment of other health care professionals, such as physicians, in the near future as well.)

We had the opportunity to ask Sarah about her role, what it’s like to be a Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialist and what the Horizon Referral Reward means for her position at Horizon. Here’s what she said.

What has changed since you started?

“The nurse recruitment team has grown since I started in September. With the launch of our recent nurse recruitment strategy map and the increased hiring targets, the team is developing with a predominate focus on nursing.”  

What has been most challenging when it comes to recruiting nurses?

“We are facing a global healthcare profession shortage, including nurses. There is a lot of demand and a short supply, so I need to show potential nurses everything New Brunswick has to offer and what the lifestyle is like here.”

What has been most rewarding?

“I find the most rewarding part of nurse recruitment is that I get to make a difference in our healthcare system and for the team of nurses working in it. I thoroughly enjoy working with the candidates and nurse managers. The level of appreciation, from both the nurse that’s starting a new job and our existing nursing team, is more than I could ever have imagined.”

Why launch the Horizon Referral Reward?

“The idea for the Horizon Referral Reward is to channel the intimate relationships that the public and our staff, have with nurses. Horizon has and continues to build an amazing Talent Acquisition team to hire all clinicians and non-clinicians directly and foster relationships with them, but this is a great extension to that. Our community members, staff and physicians are our best ambassadors!”

How will the program introduce a new stream of talent to Horizon?

“This reward will encourage New Brunswickers and staff to reach and entice nurses across Canada, above and beyond our regular streams of recruitment and marketing. It also encourages the referred nurses to meet with us and develop a trusted relationship, because they trust those that referred them to us. In fact, my own interest in Horizon first came from a talk with friends around a table on a Friday night!”

How do you see the Horizon Referral Reward helping the Nursing Talent Acquisition Specialist team?

“I believe it gives us the opportunity to make a trusted connection from the start. Our recruitment model involves connecting with people and connecting them with their career aspirations. This program is a great expansion of what we are doing.”

What’s in it for Registered Nurses who may be interested in relocating to New Brunswick to work for Horizon?

“There are so many benefits to coming to New Brunswick, and Horizon. I feel that for our national candidates especially, it is the ability to call New Brunswick home, with its Atlantic Ocean coastline, lower cost of living, and fantastic people. New Brunswickers are proud to create a welcoming atmosphere and are so appreciative of health care workers.

Plus, Horizon has strong corporate values, and is serious about hiring nurses, so we’re offering recruitment incentives and relocation allowances for eligible permanent hard-to-recruit RN positions.”

What should an interested Registered Nurse do?

“The first step is to reach out and talk with us. We meet with potential candidates over the phone, by email and even in person to gauge their interests and match them with vacancies we have across Horizon. It is informal, with no commitment necessary. We work for you, so you can work in a job you love and are appreciated for.”

On behalf of Horizon, we are very grateful to have Sarah and her passion for nurse recruitment, despite the challenges she and her team faces. Thank you for all your hard work, Sarah!

If you are a New Brunswick resident and want to learn about the Horizon Referral Reward, visit If you are a Registered Nurse and are considering working here at Horizon, visit