Horizon is going virtual to honour its 2020 Community Health Recognition Award recipients on June 25

Jean Daigle, VP Community, Horizon Health Network

It’s been said time and time again, that good health is more than just good health care. It goes beyond the walls of our hospitals – good health starts with wellness, and wellness starts where people live, work and play.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of it, we at Horizon know this important work is continuing, and it’s safe to say, communities are finding innovative ways to help people be healthy.

If you’ve been following Horizon’s Community Health Recognition Awards, you would have noticed our recipients were not announced at the April Board meeting, as they have been since 2017.

That’s because that meeting was cancelled and we’ve been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic response. However, I’m pleased to announce that on June 25, you’ll finally get to meet Horizon’s 2020 Community Health Recognition Award recipients.

Fortunately, prior to the arrival of COVID-19 in New Brunswick, Horizon’s Local Community Engagement Committees selected the 2020 CHRA recipients. So, we were ready for the first opportunity to honour them, while staying safe and healthy. How? Horizon’s June Board meeting is being held virtually.

The Awards

Horizon’s CHRA provide community programs and services with $500 to support the incredible work they’re doing. They also receive an award and certificate in recognition of their contributions.

It’s our way to say thank you to the people and organizations that work every day to improve access to health care and promote wellness in their communities – and celebrate their achievements.

In the four years since we started the CHRAs, we’ve received more than 220 submissions, and awarded 43 recipients – with 15 more this year!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of people and organizations across Horizon who are doing exceptional things all while Helping People Be Healthy!

A group shot of the 2019 Community Health Recognition Award recipients at the April Board meeting, which was held at the Miramichi Golf and Country Club.

Award Categories

This year, we revamped our award categories to ensure we received submissions in all of them – and we did, our 2020 recipients represent each of our categories! They are as follows:

  • Accessibility: Programs or services that make health care services more accessible (i.e.: hours of operation, transportation) or that reduce barriers for those with physical or cognitive disabilities.
  • Community Champion: A member of the community who builds engagement by implementing programs, services or initiatives that address the many personal, social, economic and environmental factors that determine individual and population health.
  • Food Security: Programs or services that ensure New Brunswickers have enough food to eat and promote healthy eating.
  • Health and Wellness: Programs or services that promote healthy living and wellness, including those that address the unique needs of the community or a population within a community (i.e.: seniors, youth, multicultural groups)
  • Mental Health: Programs or services that directly or indirectly assist those living with mental health issues and include efforts to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.
  • Physicians: Physicians who are truly active in their communities with initiatives outside of their practice that are aligned with the other award categories.

 Horizon’s 2020 Community Recognition Award recipients will be announced Thursday, June 25. Stay tuned to Horizon’s FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube pages to meet this year’s recipients.

You can also check out videos on Horizon’s YouTube channel to meet CHRA recipients from 20172018 , and 2019.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Since 2012, Horizon has been working with communities to gain a better understanding of their health care needs using Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). A CHNA is a dynamic and ongoing process that identifies the unique strengths and needs of a community. This information provides both Horizon and the communities with a roadmap to achieving a common goal: to improve the overall health of New Brunswick communities. Much of the work being done by our CHRA recipients addresses key recommendations outlined in these reports.