Help prevent the flu!

Here’s what you should know about the flu vaccine

The 2022-2023 influenza (flu) vaccine is free and available to all New Brunswickers! As we all work to reduce the spread of illness this cold and flu season, it’s important to understand the benefits of receiving the vaccine.

Here are some quick facts about the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is the most effective tool to protect yourself and your family from influenza.

The benefits of the flu vaccine apply to all age groups – including young children who, like the elderly, are at an increased risk of complications.

By receiving the vaccine, you are also protecting others. 

The flu vaccine is a crucial step to help us protect those we care about by limiting the spread of illness.

According to the Government of Canada, the flu shot is recommended for everyone over the age of six months.

You are supporting your health care system.

Help us help you by receiving the flu vaccine! You’ll be doing your part to significantly reduce your chance of hospitalization from the flu.

The most dramatic benefit of the flu vaccine is it reduces hospitalization and mortality by 50 per cent.  Did you know each year in Canada an estimated 3,500 deaths are caused by the flu? And the flu leads to over 12,200 hospitalizations Canada-wide. Learn more from the Government of Canada.

The flu vaccine is required every year. 

Did you know a new flu vaccine is created every year? This is because the flu virus can change from year to year, so it’s essential you receive the flu shot each year!

You can receive the flu vaccine anytime after its release!

It’s easy (and free) to book your flu vaccine. The earlier you get vaccinated, the sooner you protect yourself and others against the seasonal flu; but remember: it’s never too late to receive the vaccine!

Book an appointment with your primary care provider through Tele-Services (1-833-437-1424) or at a local pharmacy. Find participating pharmacies here: