Dr. Forbes – Chief, Department of Anesthesiology

The year-round activities for families and beautiful scenery are just some of the things Dr. Stewart Forbes, Chief of Anesthesia at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital (TMH), loves about living in Moncton.  

“A big driver for me to come and work in The Moncton Hospital was the work-life balance that I can attain here. It’s given me the opportunity to develop a diverse and thriving practice, while also giving me time to spend with family, friends and to pursue extracurricular things that I like to do.” 

He also loves the diverse team of staff he works with in the operating rooms.  

“(TMH) serves as a major specialized surgical referral center for northern and southeastern New Brunswick as well as PEI and portions of Nova Scotia.” 

Horizon is actively recruiting physicians like Dr. Forbes, as well as nurses and other health care workers to join our dedicated team in Moncton. Want to learn more? Reach out to careers@HorizonNB.ca to schedule a time to talk about opportunities or visit MyHorizonCareer.ca!