5 Reasons You Should Wear A Mask

1. By wearing a mask, you’re protecting your community

More public places are requiring the use of face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including all Horizon facilities! You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again, wearing a mask is an extra step in reducing the spread of droplets that may contain the virus. By wearing a mask when you cannot physically distance from others and cleaning your hands frequently, you are protecting your community and our most vulnerable.

2. Masks can prevent you from touching your face

We could all use a little help with this one. Touching our face is second nature, and most of the time, we are unaware that it is happening. By wearing a mask in community spaces, we are limiting the direct contact of touching our nose and mouth, which is a main source of contracting viruses such as COVID-19. By following proper hand hygiene protocols and cleaning our hands before and after mask use, we are taking an extra step to prevent the spread of illness. There are three important points to remember when you are wearing mask:

  • Do not touch the outside of your mask while it is on your face.
  • Do not pull your mask below your chin while you’re wearing it.
  • Do not allow the mask to be loose, as this increases your risk for cross-contamination.

 3. Masks provide a reminder to physically distance

The simple act of seeing masks in crowded spaces, remind us to try and keep our distance. Although masks help when physically distancing is not possible, the visual allows us to be mindful and keep our space from those outside our bubble, even when you are both wearing a mask. 

4. Masks help limit the spread between individuals, objects and surfaces

By wearing a mask, you are not only reducing the spread of droplets from yourself to others, but you are also limiting droplets to objects that individuals may touch. Even if you are not coughing or sneezing, your speech can allow droplets to spread on items you do not realize that others are touching, which is why it is encouraged to disinfect frequently touched surfaces along with wearing a mask.

5. Purchasing a community mask can support local business

Many businesses have pivoted to meet supply and demand. By purchasing a community mask, you are also helping to ensure businesses survive the global pandemic.

Until there is a COVID-19 vaccine, research shows that physical distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces is the best way to prevent the spread of illness. For more information and helpful resources, visit /home/patients-and-visitors/coronavirus-(covid-19).aspx.

Disclaimer: Horizon no longer accepts donations of community cloth facemasks. This decision is based on the organization’s ability to assess and meet new Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) guidelines regarding community cloth facemasks (non-medical masks and face coverings). Horizon is grateful to members of the community, for their generosity in donating more than 7,500 community cloth facemasks over the last several months. These facemasks were distributed to visitors and outpatients.

Last updated: November 16, 2020