Wait Times Dashboard for Medical Imaging Services


What does the wait time data mean?

The wait times shown are the typical non-urgent maximum wait times for each service, for most patients accessing non-urgent procedures, over a 30-day time frame. The wait time is being displayed in days.

Where can I find wait times for an X-ray?

Our new self-booking app allows you to see the availability of X-ray appointments in real-time and immediately book an available appointment that best fits your schedule. A link to it is available on www.horizonnb.ca/radiography.

What if I need an urgent appointment?

All requests for service are provided through primary care provider referrals. If you feel your appointment is urgent, please contact your primary care provider.

How current is your wait time data?

The data is updated daily and reflective of actual wait times experienced by patients as recently as two weeks ago. The wait times shown are the typical maximum wait times for each service, for most patients, over a 30-day time frame.

Why are the wait times different from one facility to another?

Wait times differ based on volume of requests, resources, and staff available at a facility at any given time.

The wait time for the service I am waiting for is significantly lower in another community. Can I ask my primary care provider for a referral at another facility?

Yes, patients willing to travel for imaging services at another Horizon facility may ask their primary care provider to send a request for imaging to another facility with a shorter wait time. Please note that not all imaging procedures are completed at all Horizon facilities. We ask that you notify the original facility so that you can be removed from their waitlist.

Can I book my appointment online?

Currently Horizon offers online self-booking for X-ray appointments only. Visit www.horizonnb.ca/radiography for details.

Can my family doctor see this data?

Yes. This dashboard is available for all members of the public.

My loved one doesn’t have access to a computer or phone to view this data. Is this information available in another format?

We encourage those without access to a computer or phone and in a need of an appointment to discuss options with their primary care provider who will submit the request for imaging services.

I want to travel for a sooner appointment, but I don’t have access to transportation. What are my options?

At Horizon, we are committed to enhancing wait times for Medical Imaging across all our facilities. By introducing this dashboard, we aim to provide clear and current wait time information to help patients make informed decisions about their care options. For patients who are willing and able to travel to an alternate location for a sooner appointment, this contributes significantly to reducing the wait times at their local facilities. This improvement in local access is particularly beneficial for patients who may not have the option to travel.