Healthy Families, Healthy Babies

Healthy Families, Healthy Babies is a free, confidential and voluntary home visiting program primarily for first time pregnant and parenting families in New Brunswick with children up to 2 years of age.

Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  Some parts come naturally and some parts have to be learned.  If you need extra support with your new baby or your young family, the Healthy Babies, Healthy Families Program can lend a hand.  We’re here to help you be the best parent you can be!

Services offered within the Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program:

Photo of expecting couple at doctor's appointmentTogether, a public health nurse and dietitian will help you learn how to give your baby the best start.  If you are eligible, we will work together to support you with:

  • Understanding your pregnancy and how to take care of yourself
  • Preparing for your baby’s arrival
  • Becoming a parent
  • Building strong relationships with your child
  • Holding your baby skin to skin
  • Learning about the basics of baby care
  • Making a decision about feeding your baby
  • Breastfeeding your baby
  • Introduction to solid food
  • Feeding your toddler
  • Your child’s health and/or behaviour
  • Your child’s growth and development
  • Making your home safe for your baby
  • Finding helpful services in your community

Prenatal home visits

Your health during pregnancy and the health of your baby in the early years of life provide a firm foundation for your child’s future. Parents face a big responsibility in caring for each other and their children. Prenatal information and support can help parents build a healthy family life and ease the early challenges of parenting.

To see if you qualify, call your local Public Health office.

You can also be referred for services by a:

  • Friend or a family member
  • Health care worker
  • Professional or an organization

Postnatal home visits

A Public Health Nurse will come see you in the hospital or call you at home once you’ve had your baby. The purpose of this visit or call is to ask you a series of questions to help identify services that may be available to you and your family. If you need a little help, a Public Health nurse and/or dietitian can visit you where you live. This program provides additional support to families for a variety of reasons.

Your baby may also qualify if circumstances have changed before the age of 7 months.  Call your local Public Health office for more information.

Before 7 months of age, your baby can also be referred for services by a:

  • Friend or a family member
  • Health care worker
  • Professional or an organization

Photo of pregnant woman looking at vitamins

Coupons for a litre of white milk per day and vitamins are provided to eligible pregnant women to meet their nutritional and caloric needs.

Who can receive this service?

  • A pregnant woman on the Social Assistance Program;
  • A low-income pregnant woman.

How to request coupons for milk and vitamins

Other resources

Kids playing

The Healthy Toddler Assessment is offered to all children in New Brunswick when they turn 18 months old. The purpose is to assess and support the healthy growth and development of young children and their families. Children are able to have the assessment up until they turn 2 years of age.

All parents of 18-month-olds are invited by letter or telephone to bring their child in for an assessment.

During the assessment, the nurse:

  • Gives the “Loving Care: 1 to 3 years” book
  • Answers the parent’s questions and concerns;
  • Assesses the child’s growth, nutrition and development;
  • Screens for the risk of cavities and concerns with vision and hearing;
  • Assesses the parent’s risk of depression;
  • Counsels the parent about the child’s vaccines;
  • Discusses child’s safety and accident prevention;
  • Advises the parent about language development and the importance of reading.

If necessary, the nurse will refer the child to other professionals or services.

How to make an appointment?

For more information

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Patient Information Sheets

Feeding Your Baby – Birth to 6 months

Feeding Your Baby – 6 to 12 months

Feeding Your Toddler – 1 to 3 years