Geriatric Outreach Services

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on health promotion and the prevention and treatment of disease and disability of older adults.

Team members of Horizon’s Geriatric Outreach Services assess elderly seniors who have complex problems related to health, day-to-day functioning and social concerns. These assessments take place in a person’s home.

The team may include a clinical nurse specialist, social worker, occupational therapist, and physiotherapist. Team members collaboratively work with a geriatrician, a physician who is specially trained to prevent and manage the unique and, often, multiple health concerns of older adults.

The goal is to maintain seniors at their highest level of function, promote independence and minimize hospital visits.

How is this service provided?

Horizon’s team of health care professionals will help you make healthier lifestyle choices to improve the quality of your life, monitor the symptoms of your illness, and help you learn how to carefully monitor your symptoms.

How can I access it?

Your family physician or primary health care provider may refer you to us for this service.

How do I prepare for it?

There is no preparation is required. If you have specific questions or goals, please share them with the health care provider working with you.

As you prepare for your appointment, you may wish to make a list of what you want to discuss with the assessment team. Many patients find it helpful to write a list of their concerns since writing these concerns ensures they don’t forget anything.

Horizon locations offering this service:

Facility Name Address Phone
Upper River Valley Hospital (Waterville) 11300 Route 130, Waterville, New Brunswick, E7P 0A4 506-375-5900