Adult Oncology Nurse Navigation Program

Facing cancer creates challenges. You and/or your loved one may be visiting one or more of our facilities to receive treatments and support from members of our team of health care professionals, as part of your cancer care journey.

At Horizon, our clinical cancer care teams include oncologists, radiation oncologists, general practitioners in oncology, oncology registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, pharmacists, radiation therapists, physicists, dosimetrists, dietitians, physiotherapists, patient experience advisors, and support staff from our survivorship programs. Services may vary between facilities, and our network virtually connects these cancer care teams together.

Whether you are a patient, family member, or caregiver, a Horizon Oncology Nurse Navigator will help you find information and resources to help you actively participate in your cancer care experience.

What is an oncology nurse navigator (ONN) for an adult patient?

Oncology nurse navigators (ONNs) are nurses with experience in oncology (cancer care) who work closely with patients, their families, as well as with the interdisciplinary cancer care team.  ONNs can:

  • Remain a constant source of support for you and your family during your cancer journey
  • Link you with supports and other care professionals in your community
  • Ensure you and your family/caregivers have all of the information available about your cancer and treatment options
  • Help you find resources to help with travel expenses during the treatment
  • Coordinate care with the health care team

How do I access this service?

If you are concerned about having access to services or need support with all steps of your cancer journey, please talk with your primary health care provider or a health care professional involved in your care. You may then be referred to an oncology nurse navigator to assist you.

Any health care professional (physician, nurse practitioner, social worker, etc.) can refer you to the navigator closest to your home, at any point during your cancer journey (diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, or palliation, etc.).

How do I prepare for an appointment with an oncology nurse navigator?

Cancer can be a difficult and stressful illness. Many people experience distress during their cancer experience. As you prepare for your appointment, you may wish to make a list of what you want to discuss. Many patients and clients find it helpful to write down a list of their concerns since writing them all down ensures they don’t forget anything, and this is also helpful for our team to get to know you better while we work together to address any concerns you may have.

To learn more about cancer patient navigation services for children/teenagers, visit our Pediatric Oncology Navigator page.

A patient’s testimonial about the care received from an oncology nurse navigator

“She is an angel! It’s like you are lost in a dark forest, and she is there to clear a path for you. I did have a brilliant surgeon with a very skilled team. Having regular conversations with my nurse navigator saved my mental health. She is like a bright light, gives me hope, and directs me to anything medical I may need.” – June