Health care in New Brunswick is in crisis. Significant action needs to be taken to build a health-care system that is citizen-focused, accessible, accountable, inclusive, and service-oriented for all New Brunswickers – and it must start now. Action must be taken immediately to stabilize the system and prevent further deterioration of services. It will take everyone working together to bring about the changes that are urgently needed.

This plan sets forth very specific action areas and timelines for improvements. It identifies the most significant initial challenges that, when addressed, will ensure the stability of the system in the near-term, and positions further actions in the years ahead to heal the health-care system and support citizens in preventing disease and illness. Ultimately, this plan is the foundation for building a healthier New Brunswick.

This plan is fast moving and achievable. It requires all stakeholders to be very deliberate about the direction and pace. Success depends upon a new kind of collaboration. Every community, health-care facility, volunteer, health-care professional, and department staff member has an important role to play – and this is the collective call to action.