Dr. Mahmoud Abdelsalam

Oncologist, Head of Oncology, Hematology Clinical Department

Department of Oncology



Dr. Abdelsalam is the currently the Head of Oncology/ Hematology Clinical Department at the Moncton City Hospital and is also an Oncologist at the George Dumont Hospital. He obtained his MD/PHD degree from the reputable Cairo University of Egypt. From there he also completed further studies in Cancer prevention at the prestigious National Cancer Institute of Health in Maryland, USA.  Having provided more than 20 years to the service of Oncology Dr. Abdelsalam serves as a Clinical Professor for the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University and as a Professor in Clinical Oncology at the Cairo University. He is a dedicated researcher who has published over 40 medical articles in peer reviewed journals. He has previously served both as the Clinical Trial Director for the Oncology Clinical Trials group and is an active investigator in multiple industry sponsored trials. His main areas of research interest include lung, prostate, renal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and other solid tumours. When he is not helping his patients, colleagues, and team members, he can be found globe trotting the world and providing his valuable expertise to other countries.