Dr. Champak Barua

Clinical Department Head

Department of Family Medicine

Miramichi Area

MBBS, IDCS, MMed / Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Barua was appointed as Clinical Head of Family Medicine of the Miramichi area in early fall 2022. He joined Horizon Health Network in early 2017, taking over an established family practice. His other clinical roles include working in an after-hour clinic, the operating room at the Miramichi Regional Hospital and other hospitalist duties. He also serves as the physician lead in the Anti-Infective Stewardship Committee for the Miramichi area.

He previously worked as an Emergency Department (ED) physician (2003 to 2011) and then as a family physician (2011 to 2017) in a 1700-bed hospital in South Africa, where he served in leadership committees related to resuscitation, blood transfusion, and internship training.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Chittagong University, Bangladesh, 1998
  • International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS), National Computing Council (NCC) of Britain, 1999
  • Master of Medicine (MMed) in Family Medicine, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 2011
  • Certificate of competence in Travel Medicine, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, 2013

  •  Maphasha OM, Govender I, Motloba DP, C Barua. Use of the partogram by doctors and midwives at Odi District Hospital, Gauteng, South Africa. South African Family Practice Journal online. 2017; 59(2). Available from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/20786190.2017.1280899.
  • Oral presentation titled “Healthcare Practitioners’ Attitudes Towards NHI as Tshwane District” at SMU research day on 25 th August, 2016. The same was presented in the form of a poster at the 19th National Family Practitioner Congress (South Africa) on 12th August, 2016. Authors: C Barua, GA Ogunbanjo, LH Mabuza, KE Hlabyago, MM Mogotsi, SA Kgoebane.
  • Presented a poster at SMU Research Day in August 2016 titled “Performing the Role – an art in the Practice of Medicine”. The same paper was co-presented on 23rd June, 2016 at SAAHE (South African Association of Health Educators). Authors: L. Schweickerdt, Barua.
  • Presented research findings of dissertation for MMed degree in Family Medicine, titled “Adequacy of counselling compared between participants and non participants in the ARV programme at the Dr. George Mukhari Hospital” at the Annual Family Physicians’ Conference in Pretoria 21st June, 2014. Barua.

  • Counselling methodology
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Palliative medicine
  • Emergency medicine

  • Clinicians of the year, recognition by CEO award, 2016 – Dr. George MukhAri Academic Hospital, South Africa.

  • Computer programming
  • Knowledge builder software programs
  • Mathematical modelling of clinical database
  • Interest in contributing to and planning services toward more accessible primary health care during after-hours, weekends, and holidays.