Horizon opens new neurodegenerative disorder clinic

(MONCTON) – Horizon is very pleased to announce the Special Neurodegenerative Disorder Clinic has officially opened its doors and is now seeing patients suffering from rapid or early-onset cognitive decline.

A new multidisciplinary clinic at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital (TMH) is taking a leading role in providing earlier diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders affecting adults of any age.

All patients must be referred through their health care provider, as the clinic will not be accepting self-referrals.

“This clinic is the first of its kind in New Brunswick and represents a major milestone in our quest to better understand these complex diseases and the effect they are having on so many in our province,” said Dr. Edouard Hendriks, Horizon’s VP Medical, Academic and Research Affairs. “This clinic will provide much-needed access to timely, accurate assessments and diagnoses for those suffering from neurocognitive decline and further reflects our commitment to providing efficient and appropriate care and a system wrapped around the needs of our patients.”

From January 2018 to April 2021, a total of 47 New Brunswick residents between the ages of 18 and 86 have met the criteria for the cluster of Atypical Neurological Syndrome of unknown origin currently being investigated by the National CJD Surveillance System in collaboration with clinical teams from both Horizon and Vitalite Health Networks.

Initially,the clinic will focus on assessing patients suspected of having this disease. 

Through early recognition, assessment, diagnosis and intervention of this disease, the clinic will help identify causes of cognitive impairment and initiate disease modifying and symptom-based therapy earlier in the process.

Horizon’s Special Neurodegenerative Disorder Clinic will consist of a cross-speciality collaborative medical team, including a social worker, neuropsychologist, Registered Nurse and administrative support.

Consultation with various services such as neurology, geriatrics, neurosurgery, psychiatry and pathology will be involved in establishing and confirming a diagnosis.

This collaborative cross-service approach will help enhance the ability of clinicians to establish a diagnosis and prognosis, initiate treatment, and establish a care plan.

Horizon also intends to pursue research opportunities in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, with the goal of identifying potential therapies that could help improve the quality of life of patients and families, while lowering therate of hospitalization.

The clinic will assist patients and their families in navigating the health care system while offering guidance and support.

It’s expected physicians will see 16 to 20 patients per week in the clinic.

Follow-ups and family conferences may also be done virtually when possible.  

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Media Relations