COVID-19 Outbreak Declared on COVID-19 Unit at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared on the COVID-19 (Unit 6600) at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital (TMH) after three staff on the unit have tested positive for COVID-19.

If two or more health care workers working in the same department within a facility are identified as COVID-19 positive within 14 days, and it is determined that the acquisition of the infection occurred within the hospital setting, and is not associated with travel or community, this is considered a confirmed outbreak. Our investigation has shown this transmission occurred in the hospital setting.

Because this is a COVID-19 Unit, comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) precautions, such as enhanced cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE), are already in place.

Staff in this unit are being regularly tested; so far, no further cases have been identified. All inpatients on this unit are already COVID-19 positive and doing well.

This is the fifth inpatient unit at the hospital currently in a COVID-19 outbreak. The other affected units are: Stroke and Family Medicine Unit (Unit 4600) (including patients from Unit 4400 – Rehabilitation, who have been transferred to this unit); Family Practice and Geriatric Unit (Unit 5100); and Family Medicine and Palliative Care Unit (Unit 3600).

As of this morning, 32 patients and 11 staff have tested positive for COVID-19 in relation to outbreaks on these five outbreak units (including the 3 staff cases on Unit 6600 announced today). The outbreak started on Monday, Nov. 22.

The breakdown of cases for each unit is:

  • Unit 4600 = 4 staff and 17 patients
  • Unit 4400 = 1 staff and 2 patients
  • Unit 3600 = 1 staff and 7 patients
  • Unit 5100 = 2 staff and 6 patients
  • Unit 6600 = 3 staff

There have been no new cases on Unit 3600 since Friday, Nov. 26; no new cases on Unit 5100 since Thursday, Dec. 2; and no new cases on Unit 4600 since Monday, Dec. 6.

Patients on outbreak units were tested on Monday, Dec. 6; patients are being tested again today, Thursday, Dec. 9.

We are continuing to test patients on other units of the hospital to ensure there are no other asymptomatic cases (sentinel surveillance); no cases have resulted from this testing.

Staff on outbreak units were tested Tuesday, Dec. 7; staff will be tested again Tuesday, Dec. 14, or sooner, as required. We have also expanded staff testing throughout the facility.

There are currently 6 patients on the COVID-19 Unit at TMH (all related to the outbreak) and 1 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

TMH is a trauma and tertiary care facility and will continue to provide essential services and safe and quality care to patients. This means surgeries, labour and birth services, ambulatory care and professional services will continue; the public will be notified of any temporary service closures or interruptions. We are asking the public to visit the TMH Emergency Department only if they have a medical emergency.

We understand it is difficult for families and friends to be separated from their loved ones during this period. We encourage people to use technology to connect with our patients.

We want to reassure the public that Horizon is working diligently to control and contain these outbreaks and using our expertise and resources as efficiently as possible. Our staff are continuing to provide care and comfort to our patients during these outbreaks.


For more information contact:

Kris McDavid
Media Relations