Board Chair clarifies statement made by member, reinforces Horizon’s commitment to accessible health care

I have just become aware of a highly inappropriate comment made by a member of Horizon’s Board in relation to accessing health care services.

I want to stress that this statement was the Board member’s own personal opinion. Under no circumstance does this represent the thoughts or opinions of Horizon’s Board of Directors and Horizon Health Network.

Horizon’s professional and compassionate staff provide quality and safe care to all individuals. We do not make judgments – we serve all that seek health care services from our organization.

If Indigenous leaders and health advocacy groups would find it helpful, leadership of Horizon, including myself and executive members of the Board and management, would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation on this matter and other related issues.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of the Board for any misunderstanding or issues this may have caused.

John McGarry

Board Chair
Horizon Health Network